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Words From Our Tutors
The Mathematics Assistance Center [MAC], an open access peer-to-peer learning center located in the heart of IUPUI's campus, prides itself on hiring the best student employees. As a mathematics learning center, readers may believe that this hiring goal requires little more than seeking a workforce with a high aptitude for mathematics. We at the MAC believe differently.
Technology and Art at the Math Assistance Center
Dr. Kevin Berkopes is smart enough to know when he needs expertise he does not possess. He recognized that the MAC's branding should convey its welcoming atmosphere, expressed in part through website design. He turned to students for help, in part to provide them with professional practice experiences, a hallmark of IUPUI.
A Story of Student Success
Our student success story, Brittany Crider, found herself in a similar mindset. "I went into this class thinking the very best I could get was a high C", Brittany said. At the MAC, we build from an understanding that effective mathematical mentorship also involves building students' efficacy towards mathematics.
Spring 2015 Mentoring Bulletin
The Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC) is an open-access learning center dedicated to the tutoring and mentoring of IUPUI's undergraduate students enrolled in mathematics courses. Situated in the lower level of Taylor Hall, the MAC is centrally located on campus where students go to class, work, and live.
Some Advocate for Change in Teaching Math
He and others at the math center are dedicated to changing the way the subject is taught." Our traditional model for math education needs to change," he said. "It doesn't make sense for the demands of today." Thinking not memorizing that equation is bad news for many students. An exhaustive study by Complete College America found only one in four who take remedial classes will eventually earn a degree. Many drop out, departing college only with the burden of a student loan.
Indiana students often struggle with math in college readiness
Dr. Kevin Berkopes and a team of educators at the IUPUI math center assist incoming college freshmen. "I tell students all the time, 'Math is hard. The best minds in the world couldn't get this a few hundred years ago, and now we expect third-graders to be learning this,'" said Berkopes. He and others at the math center are dedicated to changing the way the subject is taught.
Program Gives Students a Taste of the Real World
Six teams of students guided by faculty members from a number of IUPUI schools are competing in this year's Innovation-to-Enterprise Commercialization program, working on a variety of projects with commercial potential.
Weekend Program Preps High School Seniors for Health Careers
Mentioning of the MAC as a partner across IUPUI's campus.
Learning center success helps students, faculty
Learn about a new paradigm for learning centers that act as second access to content for students by working closely with faculty and peer-student mentors and tutors.
Creative Learning Spaces: the Mathematics Assistance Center
The musings of a researcher about the nature, design, and usage of the MAC at IUPUI by students.