Your peers are here to help.

The Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC) is a place for collaboration with peers on math assignments.

The MAC is located in Taylor Hall (UC B001) and offers tutoring and peer mentoring from fellow students to anyone in a mathematics course. Assistance with online homework and software projects is available as well.

The MAC STAT is located in the library (UL 2135D) and caters specifically to statistics courses. It's the MAC as you know it, just for statistics.

We're ready when you are.

Sun12 pm-5 pm12 pm-5 pm
Mon9 am-9 pm12 pm-9 pm
Tue9 am-9 pm12 pm-9 pm
Wed9 am-9 pm12 pm-9 pm
Thur9 am-6 pm12 pm-6 pm
Fri9 am-6 pm12 pm-6 pm

We have just what you needed.

We made several class resources just for you. These resources include instructive shorts, class hand-outs, formula sheets, study guides, practice examinations and answer keys. They're designed to prepare you for mid-terms and final exams.

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