About Us

The Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC) is a service of the Department of Mathematical Sciences and University College. The MAC is located in Taylor Hall (UC B001) and offers tutoring and peer mentoring to any mathematics student. Assistance with online homework and software projects is available for certain courses.


Walk In Online
Sun Noon-5pm Noon-5pm
Mon 9am-9pm Noon-6pm
Tue 9am-9pm Noon-6pm
Wed 9am-9pm Noon-6pm
Thr 9am-6pm Noon-6pm
Fri 9am-6pm Closed
Sat Noon-5pm Closed
Regular Hours 7
Exam Jam 14
Closed 21


Online tutoring provides students with the ability to work virtually with one of our qualified tutors in the comfort of their own home. Our tutors work in real-time collaboration with their peers on 82” touchscreen monitors connected by a virtual classroom interface. Assistance through this easy to-use software is offered for classes 15900 and below.

Physical Space

More than 3500 square feet is dedicated in the heart of IUPUI’s campus to provide students with a collaborative mathematical learning space. Students mingle throughout the open floor plan, sit at the tables with their peers to get assistance from our tutors, collaborate with each other, or simply work alone in the comfortable environment.

Multimedia Resources

Auxiliary MAC produced class resources are offered for all supported classes. These resources include instructive shorts, class hand-outs, formula sheets, study guides, practice examinations and answer keys to aid in mid-term and final exam preparation.

Exam Jam

The Exam Jam is a campus wide collaborative effort to support students’ preparation for final exams in the classes 16600 and below. At Exam Jam, thousands of students attend multi-day supplemental instruction sessions designed by our tutors and mentors to refresh and remediate the curriculum from their courses.

students getting help at the MAC

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